What To Expect

On Your First Visit to Restoration Chiropractic

Welcome & New Practice Member Paperwork

Our opportunity to start to get to know you! Please fill out all paperwork completely & sign all forms.

Guided Office Tour

Our home is your home. This is a safe place to learn, build community, uplift others and take action with your health.

Personalized Health History & Complete Consultation

We’re excited to learn about who you are, discuss your layers of past issues/trauma and identify your health goals.

Neurological Evaluation & Spinal Exam

We will perform a comprehensive assessment using our NASA-certified technology which allows us to evaluate your nervous system. Next, a detailed spinal exam is performed which allows us to discover where pressure and spinal misalignments might be. Our goal is to discover the root cause of any dysfunction or disease within your body.

Digital Chiropractic Postural X-rays

If necessary, we have an X-ray suite on site for your convenience and cost-effectiveness. This allows the doctor to get an exact assessment of your spine and its problem areas. To see is to know!

Principled Doctor’s Report

Your opportunity to learn about health from A to Z, to understand our intentions, discuss expectations for care and results in the practice as well as time to ask any questions you may have!

Individualized Report of Findings

Our time is your time. We go over our findings, the results from your assessments and X-rays, then provide you and your family with tailored recommendations to help you achieve the goals you’ve set for your health. We do whatever we can to make care convenient and affordable!

Your First Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Adjustment

We utilize the most researched technique in the profession. Gentle and specific, an adjustment involves no twisting or cracking. You actually remain in a neutral position the entire time. Kids, seniors and everyone in between love our adjustments!