Stories of Restoration and Renewed Purpose

Bryan & Evelyn

“My husband and I first visited Jake when I was about 10 weeks pregnant. After dancing for 10 plus years, my body needed a pick me up. I was having a hard time supporting my head weight and my hips were misaligned. My initial pain level was about an 8 – and that was on a good day. As my pregnancy progressed, my body was having a hard time adjusting to my growing belly. Dr. Jake helped me maintain a healthier pregnancy and assisted in relieving back and neck pain. I fully believe that Dr. Jake’s care played a heavy role in our son being in the proper birthing position, as well as a smooth labor and delivery.”


“I’ve had severe back pain for over 30 years. Years of pain patches and 800 mg of ibuprofen kept it at bay, but the ibuprofen meant taking Nexium to prevent ulcers. The low back pain was also causing severe ankle pains which affected my sleep. Two years ago I decided to finally see a spine specialist. The treatment was facet injections in the spine, which offered a few months of relief. While contemplating laser spinal surgery, a colleague of mine mentioned Chiropractic and I decided what the heck! Dr. Jake began caring for me and the real progress began. Within a couple of months, I was completely pain-free. Surgery avoided, no burned nerves, ankle pain gone and flexibility returned after more than 30 years. I will forever be grateful!”


“I’ve always had problems with my period. Almost every other month I would have severe, debilitating cramps, back pain, get dizzy, throw up and sometimes black out causing me to miss school and work. I saw my doctor and they diagnosed me with endometriosis. They tried oral birth control and later a hormonal IUD. Both improved my symptoms some, but I still had some problems. I got tired of dealing with the side effects, so I stopped treating it and assumed I would just always have to deal with my endometriosis. I learned about how subluxations in the spine could affect the nerves running from the spine to the ovaries and uterus, and was linked to problems like endometriosis. I was skeptical at first and didn’t get my hopes up, but agreed to give it a try. I began getting adjusted regularly and haven’t experienced symptoms of my endometriosis since- no throwing up, blacking out, and I’ve had mild cramping only a couple of times in the last 3 years.”


“I am a former NCAA and national athlete that endured a fractured L5 vertebra while training. It resulted in a decrease in activity level, weakness, pain and a general decrease in well-being. Before pursuing principled Chiropractic care, I had my pain for about 9 years and at times it was very severe. To combat my ailing health, I had multiple steroid injections and eventually two spinal fusion surgeries. Some of the pain was relieved, but my mobility and life never truly returned post-surgery until I experienced Chiropractic care. After a couple weeks under care, I noticed big changes in my sleep and general vitality, and after a few months I was back working out in the gym after being absent from it for years! I was also able to eliminate multiple opioid prescriptions, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory and general analgesics. Dr. Schumann is one of the finest people and chiropractors that I have ever met and worked with. His treatments are highly focused and precise. I look forward to seeing his office grow as he helps more and more people.”


“In the beginning, I felt pretty bad. I was having menopausal migraines and all over body aches and pains. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia 12 years ago. I was also 100 pounds overweight. Now, I feel so much better. The pain is virtually gone and I haven’t experienced a migraine in a long time. I lost all of the extra weight as well due to my ability to move and ultimately function better. I was skeptical at first but learned to trust Chiropractic care. It has worked for me!”


“I first reached out to Dr. Jake during one of my teacher summers. I was experiencing a ton of lower back pain and daily headaches and could not even think about possibly having to start working with my little learners again with so much discomfort. Because the discomfort was never enough to keep me home from school, I figured it wasn’t too bad. However, the back pain and headaches were imposing on my classroom. I had to limit sitting with my students and often, while I hate to admit it, found myself with less patience for my little loves. Shortly after starting a treatment plan with Dr. Jake, my headaches stopped completely! Soon after, I started having relief from my lower back pain. In addition to the physical pain being subdued, I was functioning better and could feel my body more in-sync with itself. I stopped having to take over the counter pain medication during the school day and finally felt like my own body wasn’t working against me, but instead for me.”


“I couldn’t move my head and neck at all after a very bad car accident. I was on oxygen and would pass out if I stood for longer than 2 minutes. I couldn’t work or even dress myself. I was told that surgery would be my only chance of regaining any motion. Now, I feel incredible! I have regained full range of motion and can do everything like before the accident. Only 3-4 months into my corrective care, I was back to breaking horses and exercising. Chiropractic has been an incredible blessing. Adjustments have allowed my body to heal itself, fully restoring my health.”


“At the age of 14, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I was placed on birth control pills to “help” alleviate symptoms. Each year my symptoms progressed and it became very discouraging. At the age of 23, I was told that I would need to have a hysterectomy soon. I decided to try an IUD as a last resort to help reduce my symptoms and eliminate my menstrual cycle. I did the IUD for 5 years and my personal outcome was that it never eliminated a single cycle, increased my symptoms, and lastly wasted time and hope for me. My life changed when I decided to try Chiropractic and more holistic approaches. I have consistently been under Chiropractic care for the past 6 years and my life has completely changed for the better. I am no longer suffering from endometriosis symptoms and they removed the diagnosis 3 years ago. Becoming pregnant this year was an amazing gift and something that I never thought would be an option for me since endometriosis and infertility go hand in hand. My pregnancy was so healthy and I could not have been more blessed with a better situation. I am now a proud mother of two beautiful children. Me and my family are so thankful that Chiropractic has given us this opportunity.”


“Before committing to Chiropractic care, I was low on energy, depressed and had pain in my lower, mid and upper back. Now, I have added getting adjusted to my health routine. My friends and family have noticed a big difference in me. I have a lot more energy, little to no back pain and in a couple of months slowly started getting off my medications for depression! My experience with Chiropractic has been amazing. I always look forward to my weekly adjustments.”


Rachel got under Chiropractic care with Dr. Jake because she had been diagnosed with scoliosis. Not only had she been suffering with the back pain caused by scoliosis, but she was also suffering from reflux and an increased heart rate which her doctor told her would always be elevated. After some time of getting specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments, the curvature in Rachel’s spine stopped progressing and even began to decrease. Her reflux that she had been having for as long as she could remember started to go away and her heart rate decreased by 10 beats per minute!