R3 System

Empowering You To Make A Change

Recognize and Respond

Through research we know that knowledge aids in the healing process. Your health is your greatest asset, thus small investments now pay huge dividends in the future. We educate on true health–which is optimal function–not merely the absence of symptoms. You were designed to thrive and it is our job to unlock your God-given ability to adapt to stressors–external environmental and internal alike–and thrive. We will grow a community of informed moms, dads, and grandparents that will engage their kiddos and influence the way we pursue our health. Our time is your time.

It takes boldness to approach health in this way. Our process locates the root cause of pain and illness over masking the symptoms with prescription drugs. We analyze your nervous system using our NASA-certified, neurological assessment technology, specific spinal exams, and any necessary digital X-rays to identify the exact levels of neurological inference within your spine. This “interference” between your brain-to-body communication network is then removed via gentle, specific Chiropractic adjustments.


Each precise, Chiropractic adjustment is creating microscopic, neurological change that restores your brain’s ability to communicate with the rest of your body. Every cell, muscle, organ, joint and tissue in the body is controlled and coordinated by the brain, spinal cord, and its nerves. We, as the doctors, are vessels that facilitate your body’s ability to heal by detecting and correcting the sites of neurological interference (subluxations).

A properly functioning nervous system and spine allow the enhancement of your body’s internal healing mechanisms. It is crucial that children are checked during development to ensure they grow healthy with proper brain to body communication.

When your body is functioning at peak capacity, it heals over time. Your nerve center detects and alleviates problems, often before you even feel them. You fight infection and disease before they have a chance to gain a hold on you. We don’t pretend to heal you, but rather focus on restoring your system to the way you were uniquely designed.


As true correction occurs over time, your spine begins to stabilize and your nervous system thrives. This is when optimal health is expressed and truly achieved! You will have scheduled re-evaluations built into your care so that we can continually monitor progression and celebrate your improvement! This phase of care is tailored to each practice member at the rate and rhythm needed to adapt to the physical and emotional stressors that are a part of daily life. This ensures that you will not only maintain the results you have achieved, but experience continued progression through each season of your life! Your health is your greatest asset, thus small investments now pay huge dividends in the future. We’re here for you.